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Magic Reversi

Logic games... This games first appeared many centuries ago. This type of programs stays popular nowadays because such games do not require much computer resources, simple in use and as a matter of fact - the rules of such games are well known to everybody from the childhood.

The examples are chess, checkers, dots and so on. And one of this games is Reversi (Also known as "Othello"). "Magic Reversi" was created taking into account all the modern requirements to such games. You can ask "What do you mean by the modern requirements?"

Magic Reversi

And the answer is:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Exciting 32-bit animation graphics
  • The possibility to choose the most convenient condition of the game
  • The possibility to play with remote player using local network or Internet
  • The possibility to save game, get advise during the game and so on
[ Download, magicreversi402.zip, 10608K ]
[ Download source code, magicreversi402_source.zip, 4523K ]
Logic Game - "Mine Field"

This is my first program that I have done on PC with Turbo Pascal in my school. The idea of game is the same as in Mine Sweeper but when I have write it I really don't see original game.

This program has some historical interest for me at the first order. But I think you also can be in interest to see what can do schoolboy when it see first time PC.

The game can be still run under up to Windows XP 32-bit but I suggest you to run it under DOSBOX.

Controls: Arrows to more around; Enter to put/remove flag; Space to Open area.

Of course source code is included in archive ;-)

Mine Field

Mine Field
[ Play Online ]
[ Download, minefield.zip, 41K ]
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