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Shining Time Prototype source code

Ok. This is simple Shining Time screen saver Prototype source code. Source code is not good commented but I think that code is simply enough for understanding. I don't provide here special utilities for producing *.MSH and *.PHG files. Look in source code for understanding It's purpose and format.

[ Download, shining_time_proto.zip, 222K ]
OpenGL Examples

This package contains two simple OpenGL examples. I think they can help to start on studying such interesting thing as 3D graphics.


This is a little landscape flying OpenGL example. In most cases it is not a simple task to create a good landscape rendering engine. This simple example is more preferred for beginners who just start on studying OpenGL and 3D graphics. This example shows how to create some landscapes with the help of the simple C code and the OpenGL. Just in 6K of code.

The Cube of Power

This is just a cube of power of 3D Graphics. This is a very simple OpenGL example that shows how to create your first 3D scene.

The Cube of Power
[ Download, oglexamples.zip, 573K ]
Tiny ASM

The story started when I found www.256b.com webpage and learned much about creations that were made by people on conditions that the piece of code was very-very small... I decided on trying to create something similar to their works... The package contains the Flames and the SNF intros.


This is the Flames Intro in 125 bytes size. I had posed some problems for myself:

1. To generate a good palette, not just a red flame.
2. To wait retrace for screen sync.
3. To draw flame in two directions: up and down.
4. To guarantee normal exit when key pressed.
5. To fit it into 128 bytes.

So... I’ve done it! (I hope)

The Snow falling intro is in 255 bytes. Also includes some text message on the screen.

[ Try It Online ]
[ Download, tinyasm.zip, 4K ]
My old graphics

In this package you can find some of my very old experiments in 3D graphics programming. It was 1995 year when I decided to understand how some things worked (like Doom or Wolf3D).

I’ve written all that things in my favorite programming language - Borland Pascal 7. Now you can see the result of my work...

The package contains following:

1. "Doom" like render.
2. "Wolf3D" like render.
3. Affine texture mapping with some lighting effects.
4. ZBuffer algo, timing and complex 3D transformation.

Doom's style (c2)
Wolf's style (dt_asm)
[ Try It Online ]
[ Download, myoldgfx.zip, 179K ]

Some time ago I faced with a problem: very old programs that were written on Borland Pascal don't work in with modern computers. The BUG is placed in CRT unit where is Delay function calibrates. This is 'Runtime error 200 at ...' bug fixer.

I’ve written two solutions:

1. SMALLCRT.PAS – the little replacement of standard CRT unit.
2. CRT_FIX.PAS – the little utility that removes problem code from any BP-compiled program.

[ Download, crtfix.zip, 51K ]
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