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I'm very glad to greet you on my WEB Place where you can find some useful tools, games and some source codes I’ve been making for years. The main idea of the WEB Place is to present the software I’ve made. I’m planning to place games, screen savers, tools, which could be interesting and useful, on this WEB Place. You are welcome to writing me your comments and ideas about this site and programs, which you can find here.

With best regards, A. Dmitriy.

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08.05.2021 Magic Reversi awards:
Software Informer Virus Free award
Magic Reversi

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25.05.2020 Cleanup: some source codes and software are removed.
16.05.2020 This is a final realize of the game - "Magic Checkers"! version 1.01
Go to the Games section to download It.
08.05.2020 New version of game - "Magic Reversi". Version number is now 4.50.
This is refreshed version! Fixed little issues, added new graphics.
Source code only for old one. Go to the Games section to download It.
29.04.2020 New game published - "Magic Checkers". Version 0.99 beta.
Let's start playing Checkers with Russian Rules!
Go to the Games section to download It.
07.01.2020 Updated links section.
01.06.2018 Links updated and other minor fixes. This page is still online ;-)
29.09.2015 New version (0.51 Alpha) of "TrackIt Now!" software. Improvements:
- Support TLS/SSL for sending tracking e-mail messages
- Better support of modern OS
Go to the Tools section to download It.
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