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TrackIt Now!
Short description

This is a very simple personal video monitoring system. If you have a WEB camera or another video capturing device (a video card with video input functionality plus an analog video camera or a digital video camera) you can record everything what happens in your room when you are away.

TrackIt Now!
Short Introduction

The system consists of two programs: the video recorder and the video player. With the help of the video recorder you may capture video from the WEB camera or from another video capturing device that comes with WDM drivers for capturing. The video recorder has the build-in motion tracking syb-system that scanning an area in real time for any possible moves (in a room, for example). It allows recording only frames of activity in the area. The video player allows opening recorded video and watching it.

Improvements in this version (0.51 Alpha):
  • Support TLS/SSL for sending tracking e-mail messages
  • Better support of modern OS
[ Download, trackitnow051alpha.zip, 1606K ]
UnPowerIt Now!
Short description

With the help of this program any user can Turn Off, LogOff, Reboot, Suspend or Hibernate his computer at a defined time or when some action happens. Possible actions are stopping “WinAmp” playing or CPU load level. In addition to aforesaid functions the program has a build-in clock synchronization module and a skin support.

UnPowerIt Now!
Examples of usage
  • Start your favorite music in “WinAmp” and go to bed. After “WinAmp” finishes the play list your computer will be turned off by the program.

  • Start creating a HUGE archive. After archiving completes CPU load level will decrease and the computer will be turned off.

  • Are you recording an interesting TV-show with the help of your TV-card? At a defined time recording will stop and the computer will be turned off.

  • Are you running virus scanning software? After scanning completes CPU load level will decrease and computer will be turned off.


This program supports Winamp 2.4x and further versions, such as Winamp5 series. It does not support WinAmp3 as it does not contain necessary API. The computer clock adjustment does not support Proxy servers.

[ Download, unpoweritnow151.zip, 1291K ]
[ Download source code, unpoweritnow151_source.zip, 312K ]

This is a tiny tool that can help you to calibrate video amplifier in monitor and/or adjust brightness/contrast settings. It works in with all Windows systems and also with pure DOS/Free DOS (Windows Vista or newer is not supported). Resolution is always fixed at 640x480x60Hz. So it can be used along with most monitors/displays and video cards. You can modify this tool if you want. The full source code is also provided (Borland Pascal 7.0 is needed).

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[ Download, gray.zip, 27K ]

Some time ago I decided to become subscriber of CDMA-450 mobile network and get something useful of using this service. Also I decided to introduce myself to EVDO technology. But In my region currently only one mobile phone has support of this technology. This is a Korean phone named "Ubiquam U-300". Good device with big problems in software support. This little tool is call upon to solve one of such problems. With "Ubiquam PC Sync" software I can save photos from phone in proprietary format only (*.ubi files). And by using "UBI2BMP" I can convert *.ubi files to *.bmp files easily. If You are user of this mobile phone then this little tool can be useful for You.

Little technical note: You will need Microsoft .NET framework to run this tool. Also I put all source code in archive so if you learning of this new platform from Microsoft then this can be interesting for You too.

[ Download, ubi2bmp.zip, 5.5K ]
Font Editor program

This is font editor program for raster BIOS-like fonts 8x16 pixels. It was used to create some fonts used somewhere in my projects.

This tool was desinged to use under DOS. And nowdays it can be run under DOSBOX. Source code is also inculed into archive. One of key futures of program interface is realization of graphical mouse shape under text mode. Some of ancient Norton Utilites has the same.

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[ Download, fed110se.zip, 29K ]
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